Nothing beats a rock and roll party, and you’ll need crafts that can make it even cooler. Rock and roll parties are growing in popularity with teenagers right now. They see the fashions and trends from the 1970s and 1980s and want to emulate it. Rock and roll was huge in that era and they can experience a bit of that at their own rock and roll party. If you are planning a party such as this, there are crafts that you can do to make the party a hit.

A good rock and roll craft that you can do is make all of the party goers hair resemble the styles of the 1980s hair rock and roll bands. Pick up some colored hair spray and have at it. Spray streaks of different colors into the kids’ hair. Mohawks and generally big hair are more than appropriate for this occasion. And don’t worry; the colored hair spray washes right out.

Another craft you can do for your rock and roll party is to make t-shirts for your guests. A good way to do this is to make a personalized t-shirt for each person that has a fake band name incorporating that person’s name. For example, you could make a shirt for Katie that says ‘Katie and the Heartbreakers’ on it. People love to get prizes and other goodies when they go to a party. This is a really good option that will make the recipient feel very special. This party will definitely be remembered.


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