There are certainly a lot of things to evaluate when you are making a decision on which all-in-one DJ controller is suitable for you… such as your own budget threshold. This article zeroes-in on all-in-one controllers (as opposed to modular ones). If you intend to cobble together your own individually styled solution together by way of add on controllers, don’t forget that you normally are required to invest in an external audio interface. Modular setups let you to decide on the specific pieces to plan your personal setup in whatever way that you choose, though an AIO system combines everything that you require into just one product. Modular devices do offer a certain degree of flexibility, however. It is possible to append pieces of the kit in much more workable price points, as opposed to being forced to go “all in” and spend all your money at once.

A very important factor to be mindful of is the provided software. Each of these gadgets are MIDI-based, allowing you to basically re-assign any of these controllers functions to behave in your preferred application. In spite of this, in many cases the rationale of design and style is clear… Native Instruments’ Kontrol S2 is without question supposed to be used with the Traktor Software. The integration can help provide a smooth experience. But if you’re willing to spend the labor, every one of these controllers’ functions could very well be “reprogrammed” in your favored application.

A word concerning software. On the inexpensive end, you’ll generally find yourself with “LE” software editions. These are “lite” variations, though it is fair to say that they ought to function without issue. Nevertheless, certain elements (for instance, using timecode/DVS, support for four decks, etc) calls for an upgrade to the full edition.

If your desire is to have the ability to scratch, I’d suggest you stay away from the less expensive controllers. A “scratch controller” has got very little meaning, and quite honestly, might not at all be effective for this circumstance. Browse video clips out YouTube; you will ordinarily get a good idea of whether the controller is worth its salt. You won’t typically have that “vinyl feel” in the budget lines.

You need to route that music to a few speakers, also. Will you be linking up to a pair of powered speakers? Perhaps you are planning to get connected to a central DJ mixer, (this is exactly what I do… I operate a Kontrol S4 as a sort of break-out box). This may be a typical situation for those who utilize equipment outside of the controller. Though it’s correct that numerous current controllers can accept RCA inputs (for CDJs, or a pair of Technics, whatever), some still demand that audio to be passed through a laptop. In cases where the controller carries XLR outputs, you had better know that it is possible to hook it to something. On the low-end, you’ll likely be hooking up via a pair of red/white RCAs or simply a earphones jack (1/8 in).

One final thing. Be sure that you give some thought to how much you would be playing out (or simply wanting to). Professional club DJs should choose to be willing to make a good investment, here. (Do it once, do it right!) Same for mobile DJs who do weddings, corporate events, graduations, and the like. Hobbyist DJs should decide on whichever makes them satisfied at a cost that they can afford.

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